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Thread: Cbox Marketing Bot - Receive more visitors on your site

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    Cbox Marketing Bot - Receive more visitors on your site

    What is Cbox?
    Cbox is a embed chatbox to include in a website or blog. It gives interaction in real time between the admin and his/her visitors or can be used to start discussions in the website.

    What does Cbox Marketing Bot do?
    Cbox Marketing Bot is a mass message delivery for high ranked chatboxes. What it does is retrieve cbox chatboxes from search results and publish the message (advertising) you want.

    How to use it?
    Cbox Marketing Bot is pretty simple to use in a user prospective. The user just need to type the name, email or link and message + link. After that just let the bot do his job.

    What are the advantages of Cbox?
    Traceless, no information will ever appear on search engines and you will still receive traffic. Mostly because the NO-ROBOT, NO-FOLLOW policy.

    Where is best used?
    Any type of digital content works perfectly.

    What plataforms does it work?
    The bot works perfectly with Internet Explorer 11 on Windows. Other browsers were tested but you will have to disable adblocker and set some permissions. The full version should be run on TOR to avoid captchas between each execution (changing the ip address).

    Proven Experience!
    I have try deliver advertising messages using cbox chatbox manually and it generate aproximately 100k visitors in 3 months.

    What are the advantages of this bot?
    This bot instantly changes the tedious process of searching for patterns and send the message each time. I have tried with Roboform which make the bot semi-automatic but it needs user interaction. Cbox Marketing Bot does all of that plus the only thing that the user needs to do aside from typing down the advertisement is to close any alert that may popup.

    Sample message
    Hi, just visiting your site. Hit me back at
    How to reach me
    [email protected] or send me a private message

    Download - Cbox Marketing Bot Preview release
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