On the Playstation 3 (PS3) I have a couple of games, and last week for reasons which defy sanity, I bought Battlefield Bad Company 2 for PS3. (I have 300+ hours racked up in BC2 for the PC).I just cannot cope with the dual-joystick move/look-shoot paradigm.My aiming reticule is like an ETCH A SKETCH on the screen, always moving in up/down OR left/right, never diagonally. My movement is similarly left/right or forward/back, never diagonally.It's insanely slow and difficult compared to using a mouse.
BC2 on the PS3 doesn't cater for a mouse, only for the six-axis controller (I plugged a mouse in to check, the PS3 recognises it, lets me move through menus with it, but in game, there is no reaction to using the mouse.So, HOW do you -accurately- move your cursor with a ^%$#@! controller? I see other players playing and they seem to be perfectly fine (and accurate). I just "look at sky/look at ground/fire into wall nowhere near opponent/die" Lather, rinse, repeat.
I still play a bit of pubbie-server BC2 on the PC, and a lot of Black Ops (friends only) on PC, but my console-FPS skills are just horrid. The single-player game is completely on the rails as far as I can tell; plus there is no 'server browser' just a 'join game' button which irks me a bit too, since I prefer fuller games (whine, moan, gripe, etc).
Can someone let me in on the 'how to play with a controller and do ok' secret(s)?

Please help.

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