Service should be hit from as high a point as the server can COMFORTABLY reach. To stretch unnecessarily is both wearing on the server and unproductive of results. Varied pace and varied speed is the keynote to a good service.

The slice service should be hit from a point above the right shoulder and as high as possible. The server should stand at about a forty-five degree angle to the baseline puma suede heart reset rose pas cher , with both feet firmly planted on the ground. Drop the weight back on the right foot and swing the racquet freely and easily behind the back. Toss the ball high enough into the air to ensure it passing through the desired hitting plane, and then start a slow shift of the weight forward, at the same time increasing the power of the swing forward as the racquet commences its upward flight to the ball. Just as the ball meets the racquet face the weight should be thrown forward and the full power of the swing smashed into the service. Let the ball strike the racquet INSIDE the face of the strings, with the racquet travelling directly towards the court. The angle of the racquet face will impart the twist necessary to bring the ball in court. The wrist should be somewhat flexible in service. If necessary lift the right foot and swing the whole body forward with the arm. Twist slightly to the right puma suede heart reset rose , using the left foot as a pivot. The general line of the racquet swing is from RIGHT to LEFT and always forward.

At this point and before I take up the other branches of serving, let me put in a warning against footfaulting. I can only say that a footfault is crossing or touching the line with either foot before the ball is delivered, or it is a jump or step. I am not going into a technical discussion of footfaults. It is unnecessary, and by placing your feet firmly before the service there is no need to footfault.

It is just as unfair to deliberately footfault as to miscall a ball puma suede heart reset femme pas cher , and it is wholly unnecessary. The average footfault is due to carelessness, over-anxiety, or ignorance of the rule. All players are offenders at times, but it can quickly be broken up.

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KHARTOUM puma suede heart reset pas cher , May 27 (Xinhua) -- Sudan on Saturday condemned a terrorist attack against a bus carrying Coptic Christians in Egypt's Minya Province Friday, which left at least 28 people dead.

"The ministry expresses its strong condemnation of the armed attack which left dozens of innocent people dead," said Sudanese foreign ministry in a statement.

The ministry described the attack as "a crime that contradicts all moral and humanitarian values and principles."

The statement reiterated Sudan's support for Egypt to protect its people in face of all terrorist acts.

It also extended condolences to the Egyptian government and people and the families of the victims.

The ministry reiterated Sudan's readiness to eliminate terrorism under the framework of international efforts.

At least 28 people were killed and 25 others injured when gunmen on Friday attacked a bus carrying Coptic Christians in Egypt's southern province of Minya.

The attack followed a series of church bombings claimed by Islamic State in a campaign of violence against Copts.


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