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Thread: Tanzania RDP & SSH shop tanrdp6ctlb76qdl.onion

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    Tanzania RDP & SSH shop tanrdp6ctlb76qdl.onion


    A profitable store of RDP servers for carders, hackers.
    Servers are suitable for driving (shops, merchants, bank accounts, etc.), hacking (launching exploits), sending out spam.

    Advantages of buying servers in the Tanzania store:

    + protected work in tor browser
    + simple registration not requiring confirmation jabber, email
    + store does not work on SNG

    + information on the list of software installed on the server
    + selections: country, region / state, city, zip, isp, type, domain, os, ip, admin rights, port is not 3389
    + Black Checker

    + cashing in immediately when transferring to the wallet
    + OS, OS architecture, CPU Name, CPU Cores, CPU Hgz, Memory, admin rights
    + prices 2.5 $ -5 $

    In the plans, add SSH and CC.

    Tor link

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    Update 21.10.18
    On sale 2200 RDP servers.

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    Update 09.11.18
    On sale 3.5k RDP servers.

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    4400 RDP servers are available for purchase.
    US, CA, AU, GB, DE and 200 countries + mix.

    For driving in shops, merchants, poker, paypal, casinos, banks, etc.
    Automated checker, purchase, lots of information about servers.

    More profitable than competitors.

    Prices from 3.5 USD, average prices 6.5 USD.


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