Maverick is famous for his exact work and keen mind, yet he remains an enigma within Rainbow Six.He was exploring the case of a lost reporter when he himself went MIA. The Unit had no way of communicating with him. Maverick re-emerged a couple of years after having enough intel to dismantle a major insurgency operation. No one knows what really happened to him during the 2 decades, but he's been seen carrying out a D.I.Y. blowtorch ever because, one which can make holes in metal R6 credits . On the subject, he's found multiple uses for it, including but not restricted to creating murder holes. It takes a patient and fast Operator like Maverick to maintain those angles.

Maverick's expertise and his record of effective missions became the stuff of legend among Intelligence Collectors, gaining the interest of Rainbow Six.It takes somebody with exceptional intelligence, a profound understanding of human behavior, and high adaptability to one's environment to perform what he does. The 1 person who does it best is Erik"Maverick" Thorn.

Both operators deliver quite intense personalities and front line expertise and both have the potential to give a substantial change to the match's meta. They also help bring about total number of operators to 42 for the match (the previous two new ops comprised Alibi and Maestro). Together with Hereford Base being redesigned (and other maps always being buffed as performers learn from experience and enhance competitive play for each of the older maps), the sport will hold steady with 20 maps. Additionally, there are other balance tweaks and changes coming together with the match's Y3S3 patch that you may read about in Ubisoft's designer notes here.

At the time of this writing, Siege has been the #1 match on thanks to the Information at twitter Important in Paris event. Using the quarterly DLC Expansions and tying them in the quarterly championships is a brilliant method to self-promote both the new content and the game's esports league.