The Islamic Account for Forex Trading is that account devoid of riba-based interest in all its forms whatever the duration of the contract between the parties. Here we refer to the interest of interest, ie, the interest paid by the trader to the bank in return for leaving the account open for the next day or for the period he wants. A transaction in the Forex market may require time to close. If the trader opens a transaction and goes on for more than 24 hours and does not close the deal before 5:00 pm New York, this transaction is automatically settled and entered into the redial process and thus has an extension fee which is in fact interest interest on the transaction that has been opened on or More than a day, and this is known as the price or commission of tbeit.التداول في العملات The problem lies in the fact that the transactions are not in accordance with Islamic Sharia, because these transactions are linked to riba-based interest, which is forbidden by Islamic law. This interest is included in the calculation of this commission. The Sharia forbade Muslims from taking or paying any interest in exchange for trading. The establishment of Islamic accounts and the best Islamic companies for trading.مواقع التداول عبر الانترنت
Interest rates are a problem in forex trading. How can we overcome this problem? The first thing you think of solving this problem is to close the deal before the end of the day and thus do not calculate any interest interest does not enter the transaction in the process of clearing. But this mechanism may cost you a lot. Each new transaction will cost you a new time and commission. The ideal solution for the trader is to create an Islamic account in the best Islamic trading companies to be able to trade without any restrictions or concerns. This account is free from interest interest where the broker closes transactions at 5 pm New York and then immediately opens the contract, thereby avoiding the interest rate and the mediator in this case the cost of the spread of the new contract instead of its customers.شركة فوركس Some brokers may take care of the so-called commission of settlement, however long the deal is, but under certain conditions agreed upon in advance, and this is the responsibility of the company's account and thus the company is one of the best Islamic Forex companies.سوق التداول العالمي
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