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Thread: Clownfish, Mass message anything on skype!

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    Clownfish, Mass message anything on skype!

    Clownfish is an online translator for all your outgoing messages in Skype. Now, you could write in your native language and the recipent will receive the message translated to their language.
    (Very useful for sending mass messages)

    It features built-in spell check. It could also convert your incoming Skype messages to speech. It has a lot of built-in greeting wishes and show an avatar image on every Skype message you receive. It features a talking robot that can be your replacement in many cases. You can record Skype calls and even change your voice during calls. Finally, it features a music player that plays your favourite music as a background. To download Clownfish for Skype, click here!
    Feel free to post comments below.
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    thank for sharing

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    That's bullshit, native language pfft.

    They're never accurate, I just love hearing in my native language "ME LOWBOB, ME SELL KEY, $10 FOR YOUR ME FIREND!"

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    ClownFish works great everyone should get it!


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