Good day ladies and gentlemen!
Your attention I want to offer a lowder with a narrow functional.

- Admin panel PHP with a minimum set of code.
- Filter commands for the bots on architecture X32 X64, Countries.
- Statistics bots (list) IP / Country / OS
- Starting the payload via direct link
- Up to 8 domains in 1 build for lowder

Minimum requirements for louder installation: hosting or VPS - php56, Mysql
Bots live long like (sitting quietly, nothing collects)
Installation - issuance of the build to produce within an hour.
It is easy to be crypted, sits well in the system.
Works on all Windows XP,7,8,10,winserver 2008-2012 x32-x64 (user-admin)
People with reputation of free test (the test is ready to go or guarantor)

Price build + admin 130 $ (rebild 20$)
The admin panel is installed on your server (the first installation is free, the subsequent installation is$30)
Test dyncheck build with no crypt
Additional questions you can ask me in toads or PM.
My contact autorobot_rus @
The number of seats is limited (looking for tenants and in private)