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Thread: Linken Sphere - multithreaded browser / antidetect / traffic arbitrage / multiaccount

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    Linken Sphere - multithreaded browser / antidetect / traffic arbitrage / multiaccount

    Hello friends!

    We are pleased to introduce Linken Sphere - the most secure and user-friendly antidetect browser operating in multi-threaded mode. We are confident that thanks to this product, your capabilities will reach a whole new level, and you will not be able to imagine what it was like to suffer with dozens of virtual machines and their settings.

    What is the difference from existing anti-detection solutions?

    Linken Sphere is developed by professional security engineers based on Chromium. We work directly with the source of the engine, which allows us to completely get rid of the Google spyware code, which is not available for boxed solutions. We do not just integrate extensions into a ready-to-use browser — we ourselves modify the source code to get the desired result, which allows us to get maximum features and functionality. In addition, we are engaged in ongoing research of AF systems, as quickly as possible responding to any possible changes in their work. The browser is constantly updated and updated to meet the highest expectations of our users.

    - The browser works in OTR mode, which makes it the safest
    - Browser is deprived of any hidden connections of Google services, which is impossible to get in any boxed solution
    - The browser encrypts all stored information in the AES 256 encryption standard
    - Browser out of the box is equipped with everything you need to work with network connections: SOCKS, SSH, TOR, TOR + SSH, DYNAMIC SOCKS
    - Browser allows to work with different types of connections in multi-thread mode at the same time
    - Browser contains built-in professional anti-detection, which is regularly updated and allows you to use various configurations of user agents, permissions, language, time, geo-location, etc., changing them «on the fly»
    - Browser saves prints and cookies for each session, allowing you to work from one place with hundreds of different personalities without the need to constantly switch between virtuals
    - You do not need any system settings at all to start working quickly, anonymously and safely
    - Browser contains locally embedded MaxMind license base, which allows you to configure the time and geo-location of the session with just a few clicks
    - The browser contains built-in intelligent tools that allow you to warm up sites automatically («Heater»)

    We offer to get acquainted with a brief video presentation of the product:

    In more detail directly about the possibilities of substitutions and settings:

    - Canvas
    - Fonts
    - Plugins
    - Audiofingerprint
    - WebGL
    - Geolocation
    - ClientRects
    - Ubercookies
    - WebRTC (including device hashes)
    - CSS (resolution)
    - Touch Emulation (allows you to emulate a touch screen without showing a mouse)
    - Js Navigator (including time, language and resolution)
    - Http Headers
    - DNS (the ability to use your own DNS for each session)
    - Local IP

    The browser has on board 50,000 built-in free casts of real devices and a built-in configs generator. We can also offer for our users a built-in configshop with private configs (over 150,000 constantly updated impressions), access to free user agents (over 13,000).

    Users can use both real config files, which allows getting the most comfortable and fast setup for work, as well as deep manual tuning of a huge number of parameters, including Http headers, plugins/mimetypes, js navigator, WebGL and others. You can read more about the options for customization on our website in the «Documentation» section:

    The software is presented in the form of installers for Windows (7/8/10 x64), MacOS (not less than Yosemite), Linux (a wide list of supported systems can be found on our website), as well as Portable and cloud versions. We do not use a binding to the hardware, so you can download and install any number of copies on your machines, but one login and password works simultaneously with only one copy of the program.

    Tariff plan includes the following licenses:

    - Light (1 month using the browser) = $100
    - PRO (6 months of using the browser + access to the config-shop) = $500 (a month is free)
    - Premium (12 months of using the browser + access to the config shop + priority service) = $900 (three months free)

    You can get a weekly test for $30 USD when registering here with promo code LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6, followed by a 5% discount on subsequent subscriptions. Billing and uploading software - all automatically in your account on the main website.

    No other fees are provided, all updates are completely free. We often update the product, increasing its capabilities and quality, informing our users about changes.

    We also have special conditions and offers for teams working with a large number of copies.

    The only official site to buy:

    The browser has long been presented on a set of specialized boards, and we are confident that many have heard about it, and some users are already our customers. We will be grateful for feedback from people who work with the product. If you have any questions, suggestions or requests, we will be happy to hear them.

    Promo Site:
    Contact JID: [email protected]
    Telegram: @Gor510 / @devtenebriseng (Telegram-channel), @spherechateng (Telegram-group)
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Skype: linken sphere

    Promo code for a 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 (at registration)

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    Updated configs at the configshop, added 30,000 fresh configurations

    Promo Site:
    Telegram: @Gor510 / @devtenebriseng (Telegram-channel), @spherechateng (Telegram-group)


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