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Thread: Steam Acc's 360 Games UNLIMTED STOCK 70$

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    Steam Acc's 360 Games UNLIMTED STOCK 70$

    A. What is the Value of these accounts ?
    B. Steam Calculator is down. Around 3500$-3800$

    A. Will i go first ?
    B. Yes with trusted users

    A. What Payment options do i have as a customer?
    B. For now its only PayPal

    A. How can i contact you ?

    B. You can contact me on Skype (WarzKing) Or send me a PM

    A. How long time does it take for you to deliver the item ?
    B. You will receive the item right after you have paid (5-10 min)

    A. What games do they have ?

    B. All Valve Games, i don't have a current list will be put on if needed.

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    ANy Updates??
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