Many are not goin to wow classic gold enjoy not havin Heirlooms into lvl fast and they will realize they can't only solo pretty much everything, particularly in the lower lvl Instances. Many people are pullin more DPS in lvl 30 in Heirlooms, than individuals were pre-BC in Tier 3 equipment, along w/havin much more Health.

It is going to be quite a rude awakenin realizin they are not where near as good as they thought they were and it was only xpac content nerfs, along w/Character buffs that're why they are able to do what they could. They'll actually have to organize and select certain classes for each run to assist then, while also usin Crowd Control continuously and efficiently on every pull and run they go on. People nowadays probably will not have the patience for it, because they're so utilized to pullin everythin and havin their self-Healin and large Tank DPS bridge the difference for deficiency of skill/cooperation/coordination.

I am hopin it does well and it attracts people back into a more practical mentality towards fights to help w/the after xpacs - if they are released - or even the latest one as time continues. It could assist w/weak PUGs and create more consistently useful groups, overall.