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Thread: Dean Hall: DayZ standalone alpha won't launch until at least June

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    Dean Hall: DayZ standalone alpha won't launch until at least June

    DayZ, the standalone zombie survival game spawned from the popular Arma 2 mod, will enter official review in June, with plans for a widespread alpha sometime after then, creator Dean Hall tells Joystiq.

    "We're going to review the situation in June," Hall says. "So there'll be no release between now and June. And we're quite hopeful that we'll go then. I know that people get really frustrated because they want to play, but I just think this is the best option."

    Well, delays and delays.

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    This sucks I just want to play a better optimized DayZ since all that happens to me on maxed to low settings is walking in a forest and dropping to ten fps.

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    Shame :/


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    If they are delaying it i expect the game to be amazing!

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    it might be a shame but this just means they have more time to make it so much better

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    Hey guys for all the latest information of the DayZ standalone check out my youtube channel, there will be a new video up in the next few days covering the latest information.

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    He also mentioned it'll be around the 3rd quarter. So this is liable. ^_^

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    The longer they work on the game, the better it will be imo :P we can wait guys. ..

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    You guys hear about how the spawn all the zombies in at one time? This is going to have an impact on FPS but how much is not known.

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