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Thread: [tut] darkcomet 5.3.1 full setup with test[no-ip][sandboxie]

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    Lightbulb [tut] darkcomet 5.3.1 full setup with test[no-ip][sandboxie]

    Hello Everyone, Im pretty new to SSH and have seen alot of help requested with darkcomet. Here's a simple tutorial to get your RAT up and running

    Programs you will need:
    -DarkComet (CLICK HERE)
    -No-Ip DUC v4.0.1 (CLICK HERE)
    -SandBoxie (For Testing your Finished RAT (CLICK HERE)

    Ok, Lets get started!

    First you need to go to the No-Ip Website and Make an account. Its Completly Free
    After Making your free account you want to Add a host & Choose Hostname.

    After that, Down load the No-Ip DUC Client (CLICK HERE)
    Sign into the DUC And Edit your Hosts

    After That is Done your going to need to Port Forward, I'm not going to go into detail im just going to show your how i got access to my Default Gateway.

    First open your Start menu and search "cmd"
    When your cmd is open type "ipconfig" and press enter
    You should see alot of Numbers starting to pop up, you only need to copy down your Default Gateway.

    After you have your default gateway your going to want to open up Google Chrome and put it in the search bar.
    After hitting enter, your service provider (Mine is Verizon) page should popup and Ask you for a username and password.

    Im not going to go any further on how to port forward since there are hundreds of different ways to go about it. Remember, Google is your friend.
    Ok, Now onto DarkComet.
    Assuming you have already portforwarded, Go into your dark comet, Right click under Socket/Net and "Listen" to the Port you have forwarded. (In my case 3389)

    After that open the DarkComet Rat dropdown menu and select Full editor under Server Module.

    Main Settings- Enter the Server ID and Profile name of your choosing, For your mutex hit random a few times until you are satisfied.

    Network Settings- Enter your No-Ip Host you have registered and The port you have forwarded, Click add and you should see it underneath.

    Module Startup and Shield- These are all to your preference but copy mine if you wish.

    Stub Finalization- Skip The 5 underneath Module Shield unless you want to choose a Custom icon. Make your RAT a .exe File (No Compression) and Click on the Button "Build this Stub" you can always save this profile for quick stub creation.

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    After you have created your Stub, you need to download a free program Called SandBoxie (CLICK HERE) to Test your RAT
    After Installing Sandboxie, Find your stub and right click it. Choose Run Sanboxed and you should be prompted with a menu.

    Click Ok, and if all goes planned you should see a New user for your DarkComet RAT. Considering your testing it on your self it will Show Your IP and The Name of Your PC.

    If you see this pop up you can now start spreading, but first you need to remove your RAT off of your System. Right click the upwards pointed arrow next to your clock that states "Show Hidden Icons", Right click the Sandboxie Icon and proceed to Terminate All Programs

    You have just Setup your DarkComet RAT and Tested it, Congratulations.

    If this Tutorial helped you at all Dont forget to Comment & Rate

    If your having any troubles, Feel free to PM me. I do Setup RAT's for a Price
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