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Thread: I Dosing, Wanna have an Adventure?

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    I Dosing, Wanna have an Adventure?

    What is I-Dosing

    Well you might ask, just what is I-Dosing. Well me and my friends discovered it jsut today and wow! We started off with little ones there are some that simulate drugs and others that make you happy. They cost a bt of money but ill give them to u for free (more info on that later). They are pretty much sounds, but to use these sounds for a trip if you can call it that you have to fall into trans. its not that hard, close your eyes, relax. The effects though, that is somthing crazy.

    Well there is I-dosing for beginners which is basicly all the Drugs and the ones that make you happy and stuff. Then there are the ones for Experts and this is where this whole thing gets absolutly insane. My friend and i did this one called: Hands Of God, that was some scary ass shit, i got through about 3 mins and my buddy(Bwskates1) got like 20. The whole time he looked like he was from the exorsist flailing his arms and flying up and down. He also did one called Gate of Hades and he didnt get that far in that one. hyper-ventilated a bit

    Wanna try this intense shit?

    Add me on skype: Willis.420
    ill give and some are for sale cuz there the best
    Even tho i made this sound scary af, its super fun.
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    I saw there website on that. I wanted to try it as it seemed interesting!
    Send me a copy of something sometime!
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    add me on skype Willis.420 ill teach you how to do it properly

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    Just wanted to add something it can be rather dangerous for certain people.
    If you have psychosis I highly recommend you do not try this, this can trigger permanent damage in certain people.

    Sorry, just wanted to say that.

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    Please say hello @bwskates SSH's first voodoo doctor!

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    It is a interesting site to do some work on it.

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    Hey man, first off i just want to hhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Sorry now i've got that out of my system i'd just like to say that sounds like alot of fun. One other thing i noticed about your post, might wanna be careful about who your showing your skype unless you got that blacklisted maybe at PowerStress? Otherwise have fun I-Dosing !

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    I am not interested in it.


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