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Thread: Various music I listen

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    Various music I listen

    Black metal/symphonic
    Dimmu Borgir

    Various (rapcore etc)
    Limp Bizkit
    Linkin Park (now changedbut back in the days)

    Lamb of God
    Avenged sevenfold
    Love and Death
    System of a down
    Bullet for my Valentine
    Shadows fall
    Suicide Silence (RIP MITCH)
    Bury tomorrow (YEAH I AM A METALHEAD xd)
    All that remains
    Five finger death punch

    Stone Sour
    Eric lapointe (quebec)

    I forgot alot but I could write pages for this.
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    What i like out of your list... EVERYTHING! I dont know where to start lol but your choice of music is really awesome(: haha I do have a few suggestions to add though, although i will be posting my own list of music that i like Try listening to Green Day or ThreeDaysGrace.. they are great bands and even better when they are live!
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    Rock songs are the best for listening.
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