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Thread: FXTool Beta Testing |Download now

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    FXTool Beta Testing |Download now

    Download Beta Now

    This is only Beta so bugs might come up.

    This is a Free Program So enjoy

    If you're getting this error on load then Download Dotnet 4

    VIP is working but there is only some programs in it.
    And check out the Bugs page on the website Before sending me Your bugs!

    Download: IS in Attachments And read the Bugs on that page before Sending me the bugs! The download Is in the Attachments.
    Key: xfFXtoolftwNicehaxfx

    Dont edit my post Afitz200 It was not a download link it was a Bug report page!
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    Remember guys, use at your own risk

    Tool is great BTW
    I have threads that could possibly help you:
    How to open ArmA2 Without steam changing cdkey
    How to change an RE
    Scripting for noobs
    DayZ Spawn Service

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    Very, VERY nice tool.
    No problems so far.

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    I would love to get the source code for this!


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    I might give it out when the tool die's down.


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