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Thread: In Response: Various Music III Listen To?

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    In Response: Various Music III Listen To?

    Ok so i pretty much have the same taste as the post below/above wherever it is haha(: But Here You Go: (:

    ROCK: I LOVE ROCK haha
    -Avenged Sevenfold
    -Unforgivin (My Friends Band)
    -Three Days Grace
    -Lynyrd Skynyrd
    -The Beatles
    -Red Horizon (My Band)
    -Led Zeppelin
    -Marylin Manson
    -The Eurythmics (I Think Thats How You Spell It)
    -The Rolling Stones
    -Green Day
    -Bad Company
    -Bob Segar
    -Guns N' Roses
    -Bon Jovi
    -Orianthi (Pretty Cool, Look It Up)
    -Breaking Benjiman
    -ETC! Cant List Them ALL!!!
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    Joan Baez especially Donna Donna, Carrickfergus

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    These are best songs. A lot of people like these songs.

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    I'm sorry guys but I'm going to have to argue with you there.
    I really don't like rock :l I don't know what it is about it but i just don't :'( I wish i could see in it what everyone else does.
    But for now I just listen to Dance and Some dubstep but here's my list. You should try a few of these out!
    -The Ground Above - Compliments.
    -The Ground Above - Feel Good Bro.
    -Skrillex - Kyoto.
    -Knife Party - Power Glove.
    -Knife Party - LRAD.
    -Knife Party - EDM Death Machine.
    -David Guetta - Thinkin' bout you.
    -Tinie Tempah - Trampoline.
    -Martin Garrix - Animals.
    -Avicii - You make me.
    -Fatboy Slim - Eat Sleep Rave Repeat.
    -Juventa - Move into light (Koven Remix)
    -Nicky Romero - Toulouse (Headhunterz) (Hard Bass Live)
    I do hope you try these out.
    Dubstep is hackers music. Not rock (hehehe)

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