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Thread: SSH Official Autobuy Service

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    SSH Official Autobuy Service


    In case y'all didnt know, SafeSkyHacks has their very own Autobuy System set up. So you can sell your Keys for as much as you want, how you want.
    Thanks to the awesomeness of SkyDaddyHacks, The system has it's own domain! When you sign up for an autobuy, you will get a Free Sub-Domain registered on! With your very own Key Database! Get in Early while this is only $7!

    Current Features include
    - Fully hosted Autobuy under your name
    - Autobuy is user-supplied
    - No Softwares required
    - Automatic PayPal Payment system
    - All-Time support

    Features to Come
    - User Control Panel
    - Users own MySQL Queries for their Database
    - Web-Page to DB Key Management

    Contact Information
    For more information on how you can purchase an Autobuy, Contact one of the following via Skype:
    ilydc10 <---- me

    Thanks c:

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    Not saying this isn't official, but it'd help convince more if it was from one of the higher ups
    I have threads that could possibly help you:
    How to open ArmA2 Without steam changing cdkey
    How to change an RE
    Scripting for noobs
    DayZ Spawn Service

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    Naah its not official. Thats why it has SafeKeys and SkyDaddy's name on it...


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