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Thread: Cloneruler's Mod Reapplication

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    Cloneruler's Mod Reapplication

    Name (First): Andrew
    Alias (what you prefer to be called): Clone, Cloner, Cloneruler,
    Age: 14
    Location: US - most of you know my state...
    Time Zone: EST
    Hours Available On Forum: all day.
    Do you have any experience with vBulletin: Yes.
    Position Applying for: Moderator
    Do you know Any Coding Languages (If so please provide source code): VB, Arma 2 scripting (No source code, sorry)
    Have you ever edited sqf: Yes
    Have you ever created your own script: No.
    Do you have a decompiler: Yes.
    Do you have sandbox tools: Yes
    Give an example of the last time you ran a sandboxed program: When someone sent me hacks in an .exe
    Do you have Skype: Yes
    Do you have a Microphone: Yes
    Languages you Speak: Mandarin Chinese, English
    Do you have any prior experience with this position: Yes....
    Why we should choose you: i've been on SSH for a very long time, and i'm on about 24/7.
    Anything we missed: No.

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    Poor app overall,
    At this time we are not accepting apps either.

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