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Thread: DEADdems Re-App

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    DEADdems Re-App

    Name (First): Kane
    Alias (what you prefer to be called): Kane/DEADdem, I dont give a shit
    Age: 15
    Location: Kiwiland
    Time Zone: I dont know..
    Hours Available On Forum: whenever I feel like it
    Do you have any experience with vBulletin: ofcourseihavenubthatswhyimhere
    Position Applying for: Owner
    Do you know Any Coding Languages (If so please provide source code): Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    Have you ever edited sqf: Yeaaa naaah
    Have you ever created your own script: Yeaaah naaaah
    Do you have a decompiler: Yeaaaah Naaaaah
    Do you have sandbox tools: Yeaaah naaaah
    Give an example of the last time you ran a sandboxed program: When I felt like it.
    Do you have Skype: I dont know what skype is
    Do you have a Microphone: No, I am too poor to afford one
    Languages you Speak: Nigger123, NiggaBlack, WhiteBoiiiLingo
    Do you have any prior experience with this position: Yes
    Why we should choose you: Because I am the best in the world at being the best in the world at being the best!
    Anything we missed: Eat my dick please.

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    I can vouch for the most hilarious staff application I have ever seen

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    Were looking for serious.
    Not funny
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    //Please re-post with all of your El1t3 ski11s listed


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