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Thread: Arma 2 / DayZ Scripting Classes

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    Arma 2 / DayZ Scripting Classes

    Hey, id like to start teaching the community about arma 2 and dayz scripting. Ill be teaching you how to do everything from the basic hints to making your own mod menu. To start off ill be doing 3 lessons. they are listed below and the pricing will be listed next to them.

    Class 1 -> $5
    Structure of a script
    Commenting scripts
    First look at Datatypes
    First look at global variables
    First look at local variables
    First look at functions
    First look at basic commands
    Hello World Script

    Class 2 -> (includes class 1) $15
    First look at objects
    First look at loops
    First look at randoms
    In depth mathematics
    In depth Call and Spawn commands
    In depth arguments
    Script Project 1

    Class 3 -> (includes previous classes) $35
    First look at GUI
    In depth object manipulation
    In depth GUI manipulation
    GUI Project 2
    In depth player manipulation
    In depth trolling
    Menu Project 3

    Class one includes all the basics to scripting
    Class two includes indepth basics of scripting
    Class three really picks up and includes everything needed to write your own hacks

    Contact me on skype: khollern12 to purchase these
    These classes will be hosted with the help of teamviewe. If you dont have it, google it.

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    Lystic you're a noob, why would anyone take classes from you?

    Just kidding, vouch for Lystic!

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