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Thread: Setting Up Custom Menus With AJ Bypasser(Windows Only)

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    Setting Up Custom Menus With AJ Bypasser(Windows Only)

    Setting up Custom menus with AJ bypasser is kind of difficult at first but after you figure it out its quick and easy

    Say You want to set up infiSTAR v7 with a AJ Deleted it is not hard at all(Most menus are the same with starting them up)
    Step 1: Go ahead and open up the scripts folder that you get when you download the menu, inside you should see a .sqf file that is named startup or something like that. Open that up with notepad, then go to file,save as (then it should bring you to the computer panel) go to desktop, Click the "Save as file type" drop down and change it to all files then at the end of the file name put ".sqf"

    Step 2: the file you just saved to your desktop your going to move it to the bypasser file in your arma 2oa directory (should be your aimjunkies user name). Then right click it, go to properties, then go all the way to the bottom and check off the box that says "Read-Only". then in the aimjunkies folder you should see a file named "DefaultMenu". Open that up with note pad and make a new line with any name then =XXXX.sqf. For example: infiSTAR Menu=Startup.sqf(make sure the sqf file matches the name exactly) save the defaultmenu then right click that and check the box off that says "Read-Only".

    Step 3: Start up Dayz join a game the usual start up the Aimjunkies scroll menu then scroll down until you see the name that you added to the menu and enjoy

    Any question ask me on skype: Dayz.hacks11

    infiSTAR v7:*******************
    Rustler v4: Sky daddy posted on this website
    Batman v2:****************
    Afitz200's Hack V3:*******
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