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    New at This Cain and Able

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum didnt know where to post. When I use cain to sniff ips if i leave it poisoning to long it kicks myself offline, why is this? and how can i fix it? i have been using iddos to boot people and it works when poisoning the ips but when i try when its not poisioning them it doesnt, is there a reason? i need to know because if i let it posion for to long which is like 15 secs or less ill get kicked offline

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    Nope, your alright man haha. But, i think it must be your firewall. Try turning that off. If that doesnt work then you have to bridge your connection to open ports. Also, you may be doing too many ips at once. Your problem might also be just in cain. Hope this helps!
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