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Thread: V.I.P-Section Question

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    V.I.P-Section Question

    Hello, i am new here and i am interested for the VIP -Section.

    Have the VIP-Section a Botnet ore something like this??

    The Online Stress tester Sites, are for my taste to low?

    With one from the stresser sites i am attack a server with windows server 2003 and 4 gb and the server are not offline for a sec.

    i need really hard stresser and have the VIP-Section hard stresser??

    and what is with a E-Mail Bomber?? Have the VIP-Section a E-Mail bomber??


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    Quote Originally Posted by lka187 View Post
    No Answer??
    Hey! Thanks for joining us on Safe Sky Hacks! Im actually going to redirect this question to our administrators so that they can give you a better, more knowledgeable answer then what i wouldve given. Please wait just a few more hours so i can bring this to their attention! (:
    Desperate times call for some desperate measures!
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    The VIP section does not contain a botnet, booter. However it does have a email bomber which basically floods a email box.
    Check out the market place for a botnet and a booter.
    Thank you!
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