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Thread: Paying $$ for - ip grabber domain link needed - paying $$

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    Paying $$ for - ip grabber domain link needed - paying $$

    I need someone to make me a SIMPLE IP GRABBER link I have my own domain I just need to so that i can have it set up like so;
    my domain "" (IPGRABBER)
    then have it so when someone clicks it their ip's get logged into a .txt file like so:

    pretty simple willing to pay $$ IRL via Creditcard/Paypal ADD MY SKYPE


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    Someone please.. I had someone create it for me a week ago but he has taken the links down... any one ?

    skype: Pat_richo

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    I see three people popup with that skype username, I sent them all a request. If you cant see me than add me, Skype:

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    Paying $30 via Paypal (Verified) for someone to create me a php ip grabber with ip.txt link that stores ips.

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    Hello Patrox017 , is this what are you searching?

    Just add me to skype .

    Skype: Dervet.corp


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