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Thread: Minecraft 1.6.2 Two of the best hacked clients, Soon More!

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    Minecraft 1.6.2 Two of the best hacked clients, Soon More!

    Hello guys, im sharing the 2 minecraft 1.6.2 "Hacking" clients here, hope you enjoy them! Rubix Client Obsidian Client
    I dont think there is a need of virus scan as those are only jars.

    Whats inside them

    X-Ray:Not working
    Kill Aura!
    Mob Aura!
    Animal Aura!
    Speed Hack
    Fast Regen hack
    Speed Mine
    Tracer-Trace players that are far far away
    Chest ESP- You dont need x-ray when you can see chests marked trough walls
    Auto Sneak
    Full Bright
    Nuker- If you own a server and you are in Creative Gamemode: Use on your own risk
    Auto Sprint
    Auto Fish
    Free Cam- Ever wanted to enter a room but you couldnt? This is your chance! Your soul gets out of your body and goes trough blocks-Cant Interact Chests;Furnaces;Buttons...
    !!!!Many More!!!!

    All of the things up +working x-ray -working killaura
    Iron Man-No obvious idea what that is
    Bow Aimbot
    Auto Respawn
    Fast Bow
    Fast Heal
    God Mode-Not sure if it is working
    No Knockback
    Auto Eat
    Auto Miner
    PVP bot

    So yeah thats it, by the way guys im not sure if kill aura doesn't work, its probably detected in some server because i enter a server with obsidian, i was getting rollbacked again and again, then i entered with rubix and it was working perfectly, so yeah, try on your own.

    How To Install Them in 10 simple steps!
    Step 1:Choose One Of The Clients.
    Step 2:Download it.
    Step 3:Go to "%appdata%" -If you are on windows xp go to run and type it, if you are on W7 just go to search and type it.
    Step 4:Extract the folder Rubix/Obsidian from the RAR to .minecraft/versions.
    Step 5:Open minecraft launcher.
    Step 6:Click [New Profile].
    Step 7:Choose Profile name.
    Step 8:Go to use version and choose Release Obsidian/Rubix.
    Step 9:Open Minecraft and join a server.
    Step 10:Trololololo

    Please comment :3

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    Amazing annd easy to set up Thanks.

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    B.U.M.P! Best Upload For Minecraft People!


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