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Thread: "Power Stresser" Information!

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    "Power Stresser" Information!

    Do all the different attack methods and ports overwhelm you? If so, then you've come to the right thread!

    ◢ Methods of Attack ◣

    Character Generator Protocol (CHARGEN)

    UDP CHARGEN is commonly used in denial of service attacks. By using a fake source address the attacker can send bounce traffic off a UDP CHARGEN application to the victim. UDP CHARGEN sends 200 to 1,000 times times more data than it receives, depending upon the implementation. This "traffic multiplication" is attractive to an attacker. Also attractive is the obscuring of the attacker's IP address from the victim. CHARGEN could be consider a universal attacking method, not only is it good for home connections but it can also be used against servers.


    SYN flood is a form of denial-of-service attack in which an attacker sends a succession of SYN requests to a target's system in an attempt to consume enough server resources to make the system unresponsive to legitimate traffic. SYN abuses the TCP's three-way handshake, by never responding to the target's TCP confirmation response, thus making it wait indefinitely. The host conducting the attack, sends TCP/SYN packets to the server often with a fake sender address. The server handles those requests, allocate memory and respond with a TCP/SYN ACK packet. The server is waiting for the client to accept that last packet in order to create a connection between the two hosts. However, the hostile host will never answer back, leaving a half-opened connection, until it timeout. SYN is used for servers along with home connections.

    Domain Name Server (DNS)

    Attackers use publically accessible open DNS servers to flood a target system with DNS response traffic. The primary technique consists of an attacker sending a DNS name lookup request to an open DNS server with the source address spoofed to be the target’s address. When the DNS server sends the DNS record response, it is sent instead to the target. Because the size of the response is considerably larger than the request, the attacker is able to increase the amount of traffic directed at the victim.

    ◢ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ◣

    Where can I purchase Power Stresser?
    -Here you can choose from a wide variety of packages. They vary in boot time and the amount of concurrent attack which you can run:

    How powerful is it?
    -We currently have six servers. Each single server has 1GBPS output. This is then amplified to 10-20GBPS on each server. Output is 120-60GBPS when you add everything together. Users share this, example: There is ten attacks running, each user will get between 12-6GBPS.

    Why isn't it working?
    -This can be caused from a variety of reasons, it's rarely our side. It could be due to attacking the wrong IP address, using improper settings, etc.

    What methods can I use to purchase it?
    -Currently you can purchase our service through PayPal and BitCoins.

    Can I have a free trial?
    -We do not offer free trials, we currently offer a one day trial for a reasonable $4.99.

    I have paid but my account hasn't been activated?
    -E-mail proof of payment (Receipt) to [email protected]

    How do I obtain Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses?
    There is a multitude of various ways and tools you can use to do this
    -Using a "Skype Resolver" which you can use here for free: - You simply enter in a username and click "Resolve". Though this is not completely effective, some people use proxies on Skype.
    -To obtain the IP address of a website you simply open Command Prompt and type the command "ping", this will give you the IP address. Alternatively you can use the one provided to you by Power Stresser:

    What port should I use?
    -The best thing to do is download a program called "NMap": - This allows you to enter IP address and it will scan for various things such as open ports. I would highly recommend you use this.
    -For TeamSpeak servers, when you connect to a server and right click your name you will see "Client Connection Info". Once you click that you will see "Server Address". The port is the number after the colon. For example, In this case, 7777 is the port.
    -For Minecraft servers, 25565 is the default port which most servers use.
    -For websites, port 80 usually suffices. Again, you should use NMap to scan for open ports.
    -For connections, anything will work. Simply use port 80.

    Can I send gift accounts?
    -Currently you can't. What I suggest doing is creating a new account, buying a package on that account and then giving whoever you wish the account to the account details. Remember to use your own account and not to account share.

    What is a "Skype Resolver"?
    -Skype resolvers are "sitting" on Skype API. A "Skype Resolver" is a tool which allows you to obtain the IP address of a Skype user, you simply need to know their username. This can sometimes be unreliable due to the fact some people use proxies, sometimes it simply doesn't work and so on.

    What is "Geo Location"?
    -"Geo Location" is a tool which gives the location of an IP, this is not always accurate due to a number of factors.

    How long have we been providing our service?
    -We began providing our service roughly four months ago.
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    hello. i'm looking for good DDOS server for rent to attack some domains i have.. and its OK with me to used by me or used by server owner; no problem with me... plz email to [email protected]

    thank you

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    You can purchase our service here: - We do not allow for account sharing, doing so could cause an account termination.

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    Purchase an account at PowerStress. The amount of fun i've had with it. The amount of warm feelings inside from no ping replies. Im the YouTuber by the way. If you want video proof here's my video i made myself taking down a SITE. If this booter is powerful enough to take down a site it will make short work for a home connection. And no, CHARGEN is used to create a loop inside the target system, and is usually used on port 1935.

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    I've recently purchased this stresser to test out my own services, with no luck yet.
    I'm using a different stresser which works fine but i wanted something more powerfull.
    The IP and Port should be alright, and i attack using ESSYN.
    Yet it doesn't seem to hit at all, help?

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    Thanks, this helps me understand a bit more before I do something :P


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