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Thread: How to Hack a Arab Website![TuT][Using Dorks][Newbie Method]

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    How to Hack a Arab Website![TuT][Using Dorks][Newbie Method]


    Much time that i dont come here on SSH, now here i will make a TuT.

    Let's Begin

    I suggest to have a VPN
    1) We will use one of these 3 dork


    I will use this: inurl:/html/guru.php?

    2) Copy and paste any of these dork in google and press search
    3) Enter any site with that url.. i will use this site:
    4) In the Site Url, delete the dork , in my case i will delete /html/guru.php , and it will become
    5) now at the end of the url, paste this code: /editor/filemanager/connectors/test.html and the site will become:
    6) Now you should have a web page like this:
    7)To connector change ASP to PHP
    8)Then you need to make a .txt writted something on it, like hacked by user etc anything you want.. remember what is the name of the .txt you've created
    9)Then Upload on the site
    10) now in the url, delete /editor/filemanager/connectors/test.html and replace with this: /userfiles/file/yournamefile.txt

    Now you're done, isn't really hacking but yea.. next time i will make new guide how to deface a site using webdev

    See you soon!!

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    Welcome back! Nice tut!

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    Not trying to trash you, but defacing is for skids. You need to take all their shit that's how you put your name out there. Then when you dump their shit they know it's you.

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    Even though it's not really hacking it sounds a great way for novices to start learning how to.
    I think that's what we need more of around here aha, novices everyone on this site thinks they are hackers when they boot home connections with port 80 Lol!
    Great post though, i'm going to try this out after i've purchased a new VPN.
    But thankyou!
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