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Thread: Should i raise the prices of Powerstresser

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    Should i raise the prices of Powerstresser

    Over all i want Powerstresser to stay as strong as possible. I'm a quality over quantity type of guy. Right now we are still more then well off. As soon as this months server bills are paid off i'm buying 2 more servers to help with the traffic. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, and don't forget to vote!

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    I geuss the prices are okay :P You dont have to rais them.
    But if you buy more servers you can raise them.

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    I noticed you are removing "life time plans" which I was going to recommend you do as it can cause our service to be constantly saturated. The problem with increasing the prices is that this may cause potential buyers to be less inclined to purchase our service. Our starting plan is $10, the vast majority of other stressers start at either $5 or $10, we also have to keep in mind we need to keep our prices competitive. We offer more that one concurrent attack for a relatively cheap price of $19, what I believe we should do is change this. It is very cheap compared to others and this can cause saturation as multiple users will be running more than one attack. We offer the same perks for a much much cheaper price, I feel this should change. Simply, what I believe we should do is overhaul the plans.
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    While I have never bought your service; I agree with you in regards to quality or quantity and you should never jeopardize it. If you need the prices to stay the same so that the quality will stay the same, so be it.

    A friend of mine has your service and is rather content with it, he shares my opinion.
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