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Thread: Need Help..Getting DDosed 24/7

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    Angry Need Help..Getting DDosed 24/7

    Hey guys, my friends and i started our own ts3 server about two weeks ago and since we are very big competition for bigger servers now (we got about 50+) people online at a time, we have started getting ddosed all the time, if anyone knows of a Protection or can offer one we will certainly pay, and also if anyone has a very strong stresser please also contact since we want to return the favor to our opposition, we are willing to pay

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    You should try and find a host that specializes in DDoS mitigating so that when an attack is sent, you have less chance of getting completely fried. Also, there are a some good DDoS tools available for a price, although I do suggest PowerStresser (Advertised on this website). If you want just a day trial is approximately $5... not much to lose.
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