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Thread: Combine Brute - Origin,Paypal,WarZ,PSN,LoL,Minecraft,Uplay and etc

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    Combine Brute - Origin,Paypal,WarZ,PSN,LoL,Minecraft,Uplay and etc

    Recommended for read and know these rules!
    Ignorance rules does not release from the responsibility. Any violation of the rules and your license will be deleted.

    -User has no rights for publish this program on forums/sites and File-sharing sites.
    -User has no rights for give this program for others users!
    -User has no rights for insult program author.

    Rebinding: (This soft can working only on your computer)
    -If you install new system - 4 rebindings free; others - 3$
    -If you change your hard drive or something else - 6$
    -Rebinding if you want sale it other man - 6$

    Brute for(*brute and checker):
    4game, Warface*,Uplay*,WOT*,Skype*,Origin*,, PSN, Olimpbet*,Marathonbet*,Icq, Warz, Wartunder*,Minecraft, Pop3,,*,*,, League of Legends (servers WEST/RU/NORD)*,Dwar, Mail Games Checker,*, Crossfire*,Paypal*, Steam reg checker, Perfect world, Twitter*, Xbox*,*,swag(,Facebook.

    For all services will be created folder in main directory.
    Accept all proxy(HTTP/SOCKS4/SOCKS5)
    Autodetect separator : or ;
    Dont miss good accounts!
    Autosave good accounts.
    Working only to your computer.
    Good and intuitive design.

    About some soft:
    Warz: Only No guest, no ban
    Whats brute.. and how to use it:
    Brute its program what can check your bases for games and sites.
    For use it you need: Good proxy, Email;password base!
    Where get this bases: Buy from sellers, Hack sites/games databases and decode it

    Paypal log:
    Login: [email protected]:no1password
    Balance: 5.25 USD
    Name: James Bond
    Adress: 1000 University Ave SE Apt 1-1
    Primary Mail: [email protected]
    Card: found
    Proxy used for check:
    Data: 18.11.2013 22:24:2
    PSN log:
    Mail: [email protected]:testpw
    Balance: $0.02
    Systems Active: 1
    Country: United States
    ********(Games 7)*********
    Borderlands 2 - Mechromancer Pack (1) | ($9.99)
    Borderlands 2: Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty (1) | ($9.99)
    Borderlands 2 - Psycho Pack (1) | ($9.99)
    Dragon Age™ II: All-Class Item Pack II (1) | ($9.98)
    Spartacus Legends 50 Gold Coins (1) | ($4.99)
    Spartacus Legends 50 Gold Coins (1) | ($4.99)
    The Last Of Us™ Online Pass (1) | ($9.99)

    Origin log:
    [email protected]:testpw
    Battlefield 2142 Deluxe
    Battlefield 1942
    Battlefield 3 | PREMIUM
    Uplay log:
    [email protected]:testpw
    -=Games (3)=-
    Might and Magic Heroes VI ["PC"]
    Weapon Master I ["PC"]
    Technical Difficulties ["PC"]

    No moneyback
    Free updates
    Price - 48$

    Accept only paypal!

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    Some soft screenshots

    Some soft scr

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    Is this fully made by you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by [SSH]Anubi View Post
    Is this fully made by you?
    No, its by Null Coder
    Im just seller

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    Might think about actually buying this


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