Hello all

I am looking for a way to find 1 of the 5 enemy players there IP so I can DDoS them.

I came up with this method myself but it is not really one of the best, since not everybody's username in LoL is the same on skype.

1. Go to www.lolnexus.com there you can see the match look up names of player in you're own team and enemy team.
2. Use one of the enemy player names and search it on skype if it does exist on skype try to resolve it.
3. If u did manage to resolve it then grab the IP and trace it to what country it is in and compare it to the skype username if they both came from the same country it is probably the guy u want to DDoS and he is not using a VPN.
4. DDoS away, but most of the times the usernames from the players are not the usernames on skype.

If somebody knows a new method to grab enemy IP please let me know by replying or contact me by [email protected]

Thanks in advance.