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Thread: Gaining IP Addresses On Xbox Live

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    Gaining IP Addresses On Xbox Live

    Okay, I've wanted to know for some time now how to gain access to IP addresses to people
    you are playing with on Xbox Live. More Specific of a game: Gears of War 3
    Anyone have any information or good resources?

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    Yeah man, i know exactly how.
    Watch that video, it should show you exactly how to gain an ip address with a sniffer on cain and abel. The only thing is you need to be plugged directly into your modem or router with an Ethernet cable. Or you could just ask them for Skype and say you want to talk to them on there then resolve it here >
    (It was created by SafeSkyHacks) Then type in their skype username there for resolving.
    I wish you all the best in your DDOS'ing.
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