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Thread: [REQ] Free DDoS Program

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    [REQ] Free DDoS Program

    Yeah, I'm looking for a free DDoS Program as the title states.
    Post any of the ones you've got that are free
    Thanks in advance

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    Truth be told, there aren't really any.
    Except this one,
    Its free but you can buy premium.
    Dont know how hard it hits as i use DivineStress like a pro) So go signup there, and, dont ddos me pls xD
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    I've seen High Orbit Ion Cannon and I think I will try it, so if someone has a download link to that it would be great.
    It should be tested to make sure there ain't no virus' in the download.

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    Any one got a HOIC download link that has been searched for virus?

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    There is no Such *FREE* ddos tool or bot. Those are probably fake and using your own connection to send packets to the target... which leads to a bad power and also chances to get caught.

    A good thing is to buy cheap stresser or build your own.

    I WILL FINISH BY SAYING THIS: if you want a free DDOS tool, learn to use CMD.
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    Alright, I already know how to use the CMD so thats what I'm gonna use

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slagteren View Post
    Alright, I already know how to use the CMD so thats what I'm gonna use
    search up on NTP amped home dos attacks, normal dos wont work
    I have threads that could possibly help you:
    How to open ArmA2 Without steam changing cdkey
    How to change an RE
    Scripting for noobs
    DayZ Spawn Service

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