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Thread: help needed modifying crossfire dll hacks to make undetected again

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    help needed modifying crossfire dll hacks to make undetected again

    Hi i am a n00b to hacking Lol but i would like to learn how to modify DLL files or make my own hacks for crossfire. The reason i posted here was because of the fact that this section on the website gets more attention and stuff so i would like if someone could show me how to hack and i may be able to pay upon request but i learn quick and have built many pc's and electronics so i think i can get software hacking pretty well because i dont want to wait on dev teams to make hacks and update them ya know that kills time for me and i don't like waiting for other people and i want to customize my hack and stuff like that too so please get back to me asap.Thanks in advance to those who read this and help me.

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    Im a n00b to it too. I dont know what crossfire is.
    If anyone can help me too, please post 0
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