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Thread: [HELP] DDOS attack HELP !

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    [HELP] DDOS attack HELP !

    I went through this post " "

    What help I need is,

    1. I want a genuine list of websites that provide the facility of DDOS attack and also have a good support system.

    2. How these websites provide this attack facility ? I mean they do it from their server system or DO I NEED TO INSTALL ANY SOFTWARE FROM THEIR WEBSITE IN MY SERVER SYSTEM ?

    3. Is there any facility like I can myself DDOS a server system using my own dedicated server ? If yes, please explain it or give me some website links !

    Thank You

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    1. The post already has a good list Divine is the one I have.

    2. Not that I know of, it is all done from the website.

    3. I'm not sure sorry :/

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