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Thread: DayZ >>Standalone<< Item delivery service

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    Cool DayZ >>Standalone<< Item delivery service

    Default Set of items [Price: 3.5$ for the entire set] - Custom prices for groups

    • Firefighter Axe
    • Motorbike Helmet (Black)
    • Gas Mask
    • Rocket Aviators
    • Military Boots (Black)
    • Working Gloves (Black)
    • M4A1 (Black) [Silencer, Flashlight, Bipod, ACOG, RIS, Coupled Magazine, Buttstock MP]
    • Mosin 9130 (Camo) [Compensator, Bipod, Long Range Scope]
    • Magnum
    • Ammo Box full of ammo for all the mentioned weapons
    • Black Tactical Shirt (4 Slot)
    • UK Assault Vest Black (8 Slot)
    • Black Cargo Pants (6 Slot)
    • Mountain Backpack (Blue, 35 slots)
    • Food & Drinks - Can Opener
    • Handcuffs/Keys
    • Walkie Talkie
    • Meds (Epipen/Morphine/Bandages/Blood Kit)
    Check this image to see how you will look

    Order & Delivery process

    1. 1.Send me a PM or add me on skype (standaloneguy).
    2. 2.You will tell me the server you are playing (Regular/Hardcore), your current location and your in-game name.
    3. 3.I will give you information to an empty server to meet.
    4. 4.You will make the payment (paypal).
    5. 5.I will find you and show you the way up to your items (it will be close to your location).
    6. 6.You will vouch for me and comment on your experience.

    1. 1.I don't deliver in experimental hives
    2. 2.This is not a spawning service
    3. 3.You can get ONLY what is listed (for now) unless we have another agreement

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