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Thread: why the surveys?

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    DayZ Standalone Hacks | DayZ Hacks | The Super Menu | Undetected

    DayZ Standalone Hacks
    Dayz Hacks - The Super Menu

    Status: Undetected

    This is the new Dayz Standalone hacks, The Super Menu that i had the privilege of testing out. The Super menu is created by Rustler, Lystic, Bowen, and Raiin for the sole purpose of helping me out! The menu features alot of unique scripts from all the coders. It is a culmination of all their effort over the years and it truly is a beautiful Dayz hack. The video above is short my Fraps kept bugging out when i was trying to record so take it with a grain of salt and shoot me a like =]. The video shows a few of the new Dayz Standalone hacks that the coders put together for this menu. Overall this is honestly the best hack i've seen in both Dayz and Dayz SA. From teleports to item spawning this menu has everything you could need to hack any Dayz Standalone server.

    I'm in a rush so ill just name some of the features and come back later to finish this thread up with a full review.

    Teleport (Player and other players)
    Item/Gun Spawner
    Aim Boxes/Bot
    God Mod
    No recoil
    Infinite ammo
    Speed hacks - 300% faster run
    Bicycle Spawner
    Ammo box spawner
    No clip
    Execution script
    Drop all players/npcs
    Disarm everyone
    No grass
    Speed Shot - 150% faster shooting

    The creators are doing a short campaign for advertising allowing 2000 downloads to everyone. It's first come first serve, after this the menu will be $15.

    To get the menu:
    Go here:

    The download link is at the bottom of the article in red.

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    why the surveys?

    why for every cheat download do you have to do stupid surveys that you have to type in your address,phone number and all your location info. why can it just be say yes/no then be done? or no surveys at all?! i dont want anything i just want the cheat. thats IT.

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