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Thread: GMod Multihack

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    GMod Multihack

    Hey Guys,

    after some days in development i presesent RAZ v1.0 (Alpha) to you.
    It's a GMod Multihack, which means to be different in the ways of performance, features, the way it works and the coding style.

    Here are some featuers:

    * Snap-Aimbot
    * Autofire
    * Adjustable FOV
    * Anti-Aimbot feature
    * Adjustable Bone
    * Draws a box around players/entities
    * Tracks default entities, as money printers and shipments.
    * Use ingame function to add more entities, that it should track.
    * Chams
    * Prop-Wallhack (see through props)
    * Adjustable Prop
    * Boost yourself, for a fast getaway.
    * Spawns a chainsaw under you, and then prop boosts you up
    * Will show you the traitors in chat.
    * See players bones
    * Spams a rope, that can be seen through walls, through the whole map
    * Only works with those old ATMs (ATMBanker v3) [So far]
    * Adjustable Speed
    * Spams a predefined message each 2 seconds.
    * Draws a line from the middle of your screen to the defined Aimbot-Bone on Players that are Visible and in FOV
    * Change FOV (Up to 179)
    * Thirdperson, wow.
    [No Recoil]
    * Tested and works with these guns:
    TTT-Guns, CS:S Realistic Weapons
    [No Spread]
    * Same as above
    [Murder Hacks]
    * Shows you who the murder, and who the gunholder is.
    * Murder is Red, Gunholder is blue
    * Only works in DarkRP
    * Picks a random name
    * Turns every Semi-Auto Gun into a Full-Auto one.
    * Hold space to BHop
    * Easily Adjust Hack options

    If you want to buy it or test it, add me on Skype: marcussxd

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    I'm also willing to show it on skype.


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