I am sorry to make a topic like this, but I have no idea what to do.

I am trying to test our networks DDoS solutions and we bought from titaniumstresser.neta package, but was really disappointing performance in terms of power output, so we tried to find another. I was looking at Xboot.net from a review and someone managed to gain a 20Gbps attack with that.
I went on their website, it does look someone different, added an account, password and bought a 109$ package of combinations. Payed with paypal and when I tried to login, it doesn't work.
Maybe I added the wrong password or something happen, I never accessed the account.

Now I am saying what to do? Well in the paypal transaction there is an email that I sent a request for help to gain access to the account. One day passed, nothing happened so I made a paypal case, but the guy who answered from Xboot.net saying that I have logged in, but never did.

There is a phone number and when I call the guy is saying that he didnt understand nothing.

Right now I am only looking for the service, does anyone know any contact point from them ?