Its not hacking at all but it does come in handy every now and then.


Visit this site:
Type in your email address and click get link (it claims to only accept gmail but i doubt it)

It then takes you to the submit page which provides 3 links.
The first two are the ip grabber and the third is the troll link.

The troll or 3rd link is just a page showing someone their information just in case they do not believe you lol.

Now copy one of the two links 1st and 2nd and go here to shorten it so it looks plain.

Heres some other simple link shorteners (you may also track the visits)

Of course you may also earn money while doing this with

You may now start posting your link in blogs or chat rooms or whatever you want.

When the victim clicks the link it takes them to a page disguised as an error 404 or a page no longer available.

The information is then sent to your email whoised and ready for use.

thank you and have fun