The Best Booters - Stressers - DDosers of 2014

I have spent many years in the hacking scene. Booters, stressers, ddosers are all the same thing. The majority of them are web-based, some are executables ran from your pc. I've seen many booters come and go, some good, some bad, some great. Over the years booters have changed so much, just a few years back the strongest booter would only be able to hit a few gbps tops. These days booters can hit upwards of 200 gbps from a single attack. That is unbelievably powerful tool for such a cheap price.

With the release of tools like Skype resolvers, Steam resolvers and IP loggers, booters have become much more mainstream. A large portion of booter users use theirs for professional video gaming. Games like Minecraft and Runescape have pushed ddos programs to greater heights to better suit customers needs. However stressers are a dime a dozen and the real problem comes from the fact that many stressers are not powerful or are just out right scams.

Choosing a stresser can be difficult because more times than i can count stresser owners disappear as quickly as they came leaving the customers without anything to show for their money. I have spent well over $5000 dollars over the years on booters. With all that money spent only a handful are even still around or still provide power. Below will be a how to ddos guide and a list of the best booters i have come across in the past few years that are both stable and powerful.

The Top 5 Booters/Stressers/DDoSers

#1: Network Stresser - (120GB/seconds)(Skype Beta Resolver)(Afforadable)(Lifetime Plans)

#2: Lifetime Booter - (80GB/seconds)(Skype Resolver)(Good Staff)(Powerful)

#3: Power Stresser - (Best for Xbox)(Very Powerful)(Skype Resolver)

#4: XR8ED Stresser - Powerful)(Best for Xbox)(Max Time)

#5: Titanium Stresser - (Strong Power)(Up For 4 Years)

Bonus Sites:
-Skype Beta Resolver:
-Anonymous VPNs:

How to DDos:
Using a web-based booter/stresser
(I will be using Networkstresser as an example for this guide.)

- Most stressers are generally the same and this guide can be applied to all of them.
- This guide will only be about web-based booters as they are the most common.

Step One: Registering & Purchase

Step Two: Using The Booter

Step Three: Attack Methods Explained

Step Four: Ports Explained