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Thread: A guy ripped me off of ingame virtual currency id like to get revenge.

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    A guy ripped me off of ingame virtual currency id like to get revenge.

    Normally this kind of thing would go over my head but im having a really hard time of things at the moment, ill try to explain.

    I have liver cancer and im going through some pretty tough times at the moment im 41 and ive had to stop work due to my chemo, ive played a game called World of Warcraft on and off for 10 years and have been playing it since i had to stop work it helps kill the time but most of all i have social contact on Skype with the peeps i play with which really helps my mood, i dont go out much and i cant drink alcohol due to my liver so having a chat and a laugh while playing takes my mind off things.
    Ive been really struggling to pay for my internet and World of Warcraft its ?8.99 a month, i noticed that there was people selling gametime cards for ingame gold (25k) so as i was struggling to pay with cash i spent over 2 weeks farming gold ingame.

    When i finally got the 25k gold i looked out for someone selling a gamecard and i had a chat with him explaining i had cancer and please dont rip me off as it was all the gold i had, but yep he ripped me off selling me a code that had already been used, i aksed him for my gold back and he just said what gold you didnt give me any gold, then carried on advertising to sell gametime in the trade channel.

    I almost felt like crying with the cancer little things can really set you off and feel like its the end of the world.
    Because i chatted to him in Skype i managed to get his IP its ive tried to find a free DDOSer but havent had much luck finding any and i wondered if you could help me get some sort of revenge.

    Heres the info i have on him his skype addy is dark_4atar and i did a skype resolve and it came up as also the ports that are used for world of warcraft are TCP ports 3724, 1119, 1120, 4000, 6112, 6113, 6114, 80, and 6881-6999 and UDP 3724, 1119, 1120, 4000, 6112, 6113, 6114, 80, and 6881-6999.

    i wanted to try and send him a keylogger on skype so i could get control of his warcraft account but couldnt find any keyloggers to dl.
    But just being able to DDOS him so it disconnects his world of warcraft it seems he is a serial scammer as he was still trying to sell gametime after he ripped me off.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

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    heres the skype conversation:

    [27/10/2014 23:26:13] Dr.Milky: the code will work for sure
    [27/10/2014 23:26:18] Dr.Milky: i just unscratched it
    [27/10/2014 23:26:29] Darkist: ok
    [27/10/2014 23:26:55] Dr.Milky: 3632814245015031947795092
    [27/10/2014 23:27:24] Darkist: that doesnt work
    [27/10/2014 23:28:20] Darkist: mate give me the gold back thats not a game time key
    [27/10/2014 23:28:24] Dr.Milky: that is impossible
    [27/10/2014 23:28:37] Dr.Milky: what do u mean it doesnt work ?
    [27/10/2014 23:29:12] Darkist: it says its already been claimed
    [27/10/2014 23:29:36] Darkist: The code you entered has already been claimed.
    Each code can only be redeemed once. If you’re sure you have not previously claimed this code, please double-check the spelling and enter it now.
    [27/10/2014 23:30:17] Dr.Milky: u have used it already
    [27/10/2014 23:30:27] Darkist: no i havent
    [27/10/2014 23:30:42] Darkist: give me my gold back
    [27/10/2014 23:31:13] Darkist: GAME TIME
    Expired: 25/10/2014 15:41
    Buy more game time or set up a subscription.

    [27/10/2014 23:34:52] Dr.Milky: omg what are u talking about
    [27/10/2014 23:34:59] Dr.Milky: i even cut u some slack
    [27/10/2014 23:35:03] Dr.Milky: i gave it to for 23k
    [27/10/2014 23:35:07] Darkist: why did it say its already been used
    [27/10/2014 23:35:18] Darkist: yes give me my gold back
    [27/10/2014 23:35:30] Dr.Milky: what gold ?
    [27/10/2014 23:35:41] Dr.Milky: you didnt give me any gold

    Pissed me right off when he said i cut you some slack he wanted 25k but i only had 23k but he said he'de do it for 23k i should have smelt a rat then tbh, but i was pretty desperate for gametime as it really does help keep my mind off things im stuck now for 11 days with no World of Warcraft cos of this c*nt, it really helps to take me out of my own head and into a fantasy world where i dont have cancer, sounds silly i know but it does really help, all my friends i play with always have kind words to keep my mood up and tell me jokes.

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    Fuck sounds like a bad story
    Do your revenge and enjoy it !!!


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