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Thread: Secure VPN service

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    Secure VPN service

    VPN or Virtual Private network that uses the public network such as the internet to provide offices or individual users secure access to their organisation?s network. Organisation uses VPN to communicate for ensuring their privacy and to send their voice, video and data. Data is encrypted on sending and decrypted while receiving. VPN is commonly used for connecting the various branches of the organisations in a cohesive network. It is effective in corporate communication as it maintains the information as confidential. Many large organisations and corporate companies are maintaining their own remote-access VPNs. Remote-access VPN is quite common, it allows an individual user to connect to a private business network from a remote location using a laptop or desktop connected to the internet. Users can access the information on that network as though they are connected directly into the network?s server. VPN service provides flexibility to remote offices and employees to use business intranet over an existing internet connection equivalent to the direct connection to the network. It is becoming the most secure and fast mode of sharing information in organisations. Setting up VPN services on a router allows connected devices to use the VPN network while it is enabled. VPN technology is also used by individual users to hide their personal identity and location for online privacy as they access the internet. VPN is definitely a safe and reliable mode providing better security for exchanging data especially as it uses internet as the medium for transporting data.

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