Whats up guys what is up.

I am Shan, i have always been a 25 year old, (Struggle is real), i am at first from India (hometown), small , and quaint community.
I am a self conscious person initially, but when you get know me personally i get loud and speak extremely fast (lol).
My hobbies as of right now are, writing (poetry and short stories), loads of game titles (no limitation), hiking, so that as of 1 week Youtube.

I came across this channel while surfing around and became interested, well in the beginning about the idea of engaging to inventors and getting to know new comers from around the world, it's an exhilarating feeling, and i love knowing new places and cultures, evidenced by after i travel i usually tend to walk kilometers rather than cabbing everywhere.

I was an animal lover, specially dogs (dogs are bae), and i love deep colors, specially the master black color.
I was not really of a tv set type of person, i find it boring and repetitive.

Well that's typically what i can keep in mind; i hope i am able to meet new and exciting people.

Here is my site www.mydigitalpianoreview.com