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Thread: Good MineCraft Hosts HERE!!!

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    Good MineCraft Hosts HERE!!!

    I've seen lots of threads looking for good minecraft hosting soo heres my list of personal favourites

    1. This host has great hosting options though they are offten out of stock due to high demand

    2. Semi-affordable, good hardware, fast support, although sort of un-friendly

    3. Straight shit, can't even manage server properly

    -------=====[I Will work on this list as i try out new hosting services]======--------
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    Ive used beastnode for years, they are probably my personal favorite just because of the ease of using all of their services, and the layout of it all.

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    Yeah I've used Beastnode and there alright for big servers, unless you get ddosed and have no protection since they can only reset your nulled IP once per 24 hours or some shit.

    For small server, is good since its like 5$ a month (I got 4$ cause of Easter coupon) for 1GB ram, and free web hosting


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