11 remarkable stories of Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo's soccer tips story has been well-documented enough over the years and rightly so.
1. And speaking of his remarkable car collection, it's now worth around 6m (via the Daily Mail).
2. Journalist Guillem Balague recalls in 'Cristiano Ronaldo: The Biography' how a young Ronnie reacted to being teased at Sporting's academy.
3. Ronaldo is known for being obsessive about training, but he does have time for some hobbies. He loves poker and he's so skilled that he's competed against some of the world's best players at PokerStars.
4. We've come to associate CR7 with - well, the number seven, inevitably - but that's not the only number he's used throughout his career. He's also worn 17, 9 and 28.
5. According to the Portugal national team's chef, there are a range of favourite foods that help to keep Ronaldo in peak condition: Bacalhau, risotto, Portuguese wine, fried polenta, and vegetable soup.
6. As a child, Ronaldo shared a room with three of his siblings due to poverty. His father was an alcoholic. Now, it's a very different story as he ensures mum Dolores enjoys her taste of the high life,
7. He could have taken a number of other paths, though - Liverpool tried to sign him as a youngster but the two parties couldn't agree on wages.
8. Ronaldo could have signed for Juventus as early as 2002.Eventually, he made his way to Turin, but not until he left Madrid in 2018.
9. While he's enjoyed an incredible career, the former Manchester United and Real Madrid superstar was almost denied making it as a footballer at all.
10. According to Men's Health magazine, free soccer tips the ball often reaches speeds of 80 mph (130 km/h ) after Ronaldo's strikes - nearly as fast as his cars.
11. Ronaldo owns an $18.5m apartment in Trump Tower.