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Thread: Staff Application Template.

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    Staff Application Template.

    You may not apply for anything above moderator unless you currently are a moderator +.
    If you would like to vouch for a promotion just thank the thread.

    Name (First):
    Alias (what you prefer to be called):
    Time Zone:
    Hours Available On Forum:
    Do you have any experience with vBulletin:
    Position Applying for:
    Do you know Any Coding Languages (If so please provide source code):
    Have you ever edited sqf:
    Have you ever created your own script:
    Do you have a decompiler:
    Do you have sandbox tools:
    Give an example of the last time you ran a sandboxed program:
    Do you have Skype:
    Do you have a Microphone:
    Languages you Speak:
    Do you have any prior experience with this position:
    Why we should choose you:
    Anything we missed:
    Do not post on other member's applications unless you're a admin+
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    How would you handle a situation where you observe a staff member making a mistake or abusing? What would you do?

    You are with a player and another staff member. The player starts disrespecting the network and its players and you see the staff member say "I agree" What would you do?

    Since i am creating a staff application template for this specific server but how are these question best answer like how does a normal player make it acceptable or in a simple way of saying it answer these question


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