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    Silent Menu Edit

    Silent Menu Edit By Homeboy927
    This requires a bypass and a RE

    infiStar - Scripts
    Rustler - Scripts

    -Scroll Menu
    -Advertise Scripts
    -Vehicle Spawn(Local)
    -Vehicle Delivery


    Virus Scans:

    VA install:
    Put scripts folder into your arma2 OA folder and change Dayz_Settings to
    Format for scripts is KeyCode=ScriptFile. You can add any notes you like by adding a semicolon after the command (optional).
    Follow this format for any new scripts you wish to add, including proper spacing. Scripts you wish to add must be placed in the Arma II OA directory, or any of it's sub folders.
    AAH toggles whether Anti Anti Hacks are enabled or not. This will counter server-sided scripts to break the cheat.
    Keep in mind this is in early stages and has some issues on certain servers. If you have trouble connecting to any server, just disable this feature and it should work fine.
    45=Scripts\start.sqf ; Default script bound to INSERT key
    AAH=0 ; Anti Anti Hacks feature
    ScanBE=1 ; Runtime Battleye scanning feature
    Once ingame press insert then Tab to open menu.

    This is my first attempt at editing a menu if you find any bugs in the please post so I can attempt to fix them.
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