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Thread: Key stealer weird

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    Key stealer weird

    Why do i sometimes get someones key that is just "Key"

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    Please describe this better?

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    He means that the key aint something like 46-**-**-**-**!
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    this means there was no key in the regedit for the stealer to take

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    Agree with cdsishte1. Probably an empty Key Registry or a invalid key, or already stolen.
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    he means a key that you get from your stealer, that instantly sends a key admin, log file that admin that sells to someone else before you can use the key. Just like ALI , the key that i received that was banned within 15 min me using it without hacks. drunken post, but basically, the owner of the free hacks, takes your keys and selles them before you can use them.


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